The Company philosophy has always been addressed to achieve characteristic products, equipped with different organoleptic features,in order to satisfy any demanding and attentive Customers.

The production provides a large choice of coffee beans blends made for coffee shops, patisseries and others, which look for very exclusive products that guarantee a total consumer satisfaction.

The packaging varies from kg. 3 and. kg. 1 packs for coffee in grains, to gr. 250 bags for ground coffee.

The production range includes coffee and decaffeinated pods or capsules, ginseng coffee and barley, both in capsules or for soluble machines, coffee cream, and more other products, so essential for the bartender as it is pleasing to the Consumer, that we encourage to know through the brochure.

A wide variety of similar products supplies the production to assure the pleasure of a good “coffee break”, both at home and at work.

The offer is completed by merchandising products coordinated to the Corporate image.

These items are thought for shops and for all Moka Arra end users.

An unmistakable touch of good taste and style.


Creme fredde al cucchiaio

Capsule Compatibili Nespresso*


Ginseng coffee

Sugar and sweeteners