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We named our latest creation “Fiorenero” as a tribute to the lily, symbol of the city of Florence, where we established our business almost 70 years ago.

This blend embodies the highest expression of our values: four varieties of Arabica coffee, carefully selected from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Ethiopia, then toasted and blended with expertise in order to create a product able to satisfy the consumer’s most complex and refined demands.

“Fiorenero”, thanks to its compact hazelnut-coloured cream, enveloping aroma and its unique flavour, will become your irresistible everyday treat.

We have selected the best origins of the world:

Mokaarra Fiorenero - Mappa origini


Harvested at an altitude between 1,300 and 1,800 m asl, it is distinguished by the blue / green color of its grains. It is one of the most excellent quality origins: sweet and aromatic, with an excellent acidity, it has a fruity flavor with a background of chocolate and vanilla, that characterize coffee.


It comes from the Libertad area which has an altitude between 1200 and 1400 m asl. The coffee harvest is exclusively manual, and the product is naturally dried in the sun. These treatments, together with the altitude and soil of these plantations, give the coffee outstanding qualities of sweetness and caramel.


We use only one of the best coffee in the Sul de Minas area, certified and guaranteed by B.S.C.A. - Brasil Specialty Coffee Association - which gives the mixture an excellent body and an intense cream. This region, characterized by boundless luxuriant areas, with its mineral waters and its fertile soil, produces a coffee that is the perfect base for a balanced blend.


The mother of all Arabica coffees is Ethiopia and Sidamo, a plateau reaching 2,000 m asl, is by far one of the most popular production areas in the world. It is universally recognized as sweet, aromatic, with notes of fruit and flowers that make it one of the best coffee in existence.

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