Coffee making classes

A further step undertaken by the Company in order to satisfy the ever increasing interest on this subject, has been the introduction of “Coffee making Classes”. The Courses, addressed to the bartender, confer a more in depth knowledge of the product and the perfect use of it’s coffee machines and it is essential to spread the culture of good coffee and to satisfy the Consumer.

It starts with an initial first Course followed by several more to reach the completion of the training. A Diploma of attendance will be given at the completion of every Course.

Shortly, among the different choises, there will be a new Management Course, essential tool in the running of a successful business. This Course includes the management of an enterprise, the choice of the site and its commercial purposes. It also includes the management of the personnel and the best way to display the product.

All the courses avail themselves of the competent knowledge of Mr. Fabrizio Torelli assisted by Mr. Daniele Tisti.

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